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    Raymond Huet Saint Emilion Grand Cru Red 750Ml

    Ksh 3,950
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    Raymond Huet Haut Medoc Red 750Ml

    Ksh 3,300
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    Bols Apricot Brandy uses fresh apricot juice supported by tones of orange to give it a richer, fuller flavour that matches its golden-amber colour. ... Distinctly apricot with a hint of cognac and almond flavour. Mild aroma of juicy apricots aroma.

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    Bols Crème De Menthe Green Is A Green Peppermint Tasting Liqueur Made From Fresh Mint Leaves, Creating A High Quality And Refreshing Mint Flavor. Often Used As A Digestive Liqueur, Try It In Cocktails Like The Grasshopper.

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    Bols Dry Orange Curacao is a dark orange liqueur flavoured with distillates of Curacao orange peels and a hint of rum. It leaves fine citrus on the palate, balanced by fruity sweetness for a dry and firm finish. The colour suggests a bright full-bodied liqueur, rich and full of flavour.

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    It Is A Clear Liqueur Flavoured With Real Cherry Juice From The Famous Schwarzwalder Cherries. ... The More Aggressive Bite Of The Kirsch Comes Through In A Mix, And Kirsch Has The Lowest Sugar Content Of Any Bols Liqueur, Making It Almost Closer To An Eau-De-Vie Than A Liqueur.

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    Is A Crystal Clear Liqueur Flavored With Curaçao Orange Peel And Hints Of Citrus. Bols Triple Sec Is Without A Doubt The Most Essential Liqueur In A Modern Bar. At Least Half Of All Classic And Modern Drinks Are Made With Triple Sec Or A Variant, Like Dry Orange Curaçao.

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    Bols Watermelon is a true watermelon liqueur with a fruity, sweet and juicy flavor and a slight hint of marzipan. This watermelon liqueur has a deliciously refreshing, well-balanced taste with a surprising, long finish. ... The mature and versatile flavor is perfect for some outstanding fresh and fruity summer cocktails.


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