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    Raymond Huet Saint Emilion Grand Cru Red 750Ml

    Ksh 3,950
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    Raymond Huet Haut Medoc Red 750Ml

    Ksh 3,300
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    Sublimely Silky And Studded With Oak-Like Honey &Amp; A Hefty Second Wave Of Spice,
    Followed By A Cloudy, Smoky Feel That Coats The Roof Of The Mouth &Amp; Leaves A
    Tidal Wave Of Dry Molasses, Peaty Soot &Amp; A Degree Of Copper. Bold Has A Light
    Finish With A Tinge Of Copper. You Can Sense A Smoked Mocha Shaped By Delicate
    And Intricate Spices

  • New!
    Flavours Of Malted Barley Greet You. A Heady Mix Of Bourbon And Manuka
    Honey-Liquorice Makes For An Attractive Spine With The Unexpected Flavour Of
    Toasted Honeycomb That Takes You By Surprise. This Single Malt Has An Absolutly
    Elegant Finish, With Juicy Demerara Tones Ensuring A Soft, Friendly Finish

  • New!
    The Grassy Flavours Of Barley Show Up First, But Gently Make Way For Subtle Peat
    Notes. They Slowly Dissolve And Pave The Way For A Rush Of Mint And Mocha.
    The Finish Is Long And Drawn Out. You Can Sense A Hint Of Spice And Chocolate
    Mint As It Ends On Gentle Peat Notes

  • New!
    A Captivating Expression From Goan Shores Of India, The Niravana Arouses The
    Senses With A Soft Whiff Of Bourbon, Fruitcake And Enticing Caramel Pudding. The
    Honeycomb Sweetness Gently Touches The Palate With A Mild Salt-Tinged Barley
    While Succulent Vanilla Heralds The Honeyed Finish Of This Cooper Whiskey

  • New!
    AvailableOnline only
    The Crisp Muscovado And Demerara Sugars Create Layered Nuances, The
    Smokiness Of The Single Malt Sets In, Creating A Perfect Balance. A Hint Of
    Spice Radiates From The Hickory And Dominican-Style Cocoa. The Delicate Finish
    Of This Single Malt Has Notes Of Dominican Cocoa Laced With The Tart Edge Of

    Ksh 9,900
  • New!
    An Unpeated Whiskey From Paul John Distillers, Released In Early 2013 To Much Acclaim. Its Made Using Barley From The Foothills Of The Himalayas And Is Distilled And Matured In Goa, Producing A Fruity Spirit With A Creamy Texture.


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