• AvailableOnline only

    Ksh 850
  • AvailableOnline only

    Ksh 850
  • ����Ϸ����
    Garnet Red And Brilliant. Very Expressive And Complex Nose. Aromas Of Jammy Black Fruits, Spicy And Delicate Floral Notes

  • ����Ϸ������ҳ
    Pale Yellow With Green Highlights. Very Expressive And Complex Nose. Aromas Of White Fruit Like Peach And Delicate Floral Notes Like Acacia.

  • ����Ϸ����ע��
    Very Clear Yellow. Fresh, With Shades Of Flowers. Without Complexity. Served With Fish, Sweet Desserts

  • ����ϷͶע
    Clear And Brilliant, Very Pale Yellow With Green Lights. Elegant With Aromas Of Tropical Fruit And White Flowers. Served With Fruits Deserts Or Foie Gras

  • ����Ϸ�ͻ���
    Easy-Drinking Moscato Offers Flavors Of Peach, Apricot, Lychee And Orange Blossom. Served With Sweet Desserts

  • New!
    This wine has aromas of grapefruit and white peach combined with a hint of herbs. It sweetness is well balanced with a good acidity. To drink by itself or with sweet and creamy deserts.

  • ����Ϸ��Χ
    Namaqua Johannisberger Sweet Red pours a healthy ruby colour with a smoky strawberry nose. The wine is sweet but with a firm structure from touch tannin courtesy of Merlot, Pinotage, and Ruby Cabernet.

  • ����Ϸ����
    Expressive Bouquet With Delicate Fruit Aromas Of Red Berries, Black Currant Dates & Spice.

  • ����Ϸ����
    Glimmering Gold In Colour. Inviting Aroma Of Ripe Tropical Fruits Like Apples, Sweet Melon And Guava.


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