• ����Ϸ��ע

    Raymond Huet Saint Emilion Grand Cru Red 750Ml

    Ksh 3,950
  • ����ϷͶע

    Raymond Huet Haut Medoc Red 750Ml

    Ksh 3,300
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  • ����Ϸ��ҳ
    Ruby, Intense And Clear Color. Notes Of Spices, Cherries, Blackcurrants, Green Peppers And Liquorice, With A Light Wooded Aroma. Served With Pork, Rich Fish (Salmon, Tuna Etc), Shellfish, Sweet Desserts, Vegetarian, Poultry

  • ayx����
    Straw-Cloured With Bright Reflections. Fruity Nose With A Hint Of Mandarin, Fresh Apricot And Candied Orange. Served With Pork, Rich Fish (Salmon, Tuna Etc), Spicy Food, Poultry

  • ����Ϸ����APP
    Very Clear Yellow. Fresh, With Shades Of Flowers. Without Complexity. Served With Fish, Sweet Desserts

  • ����Ϸ������ҳ
    Pale Pink, Clear And Bright Colour With Soft Hues Of Raspberry- Pink. Very Intense, The Nose Reveals Hints Of Candy And Red Fruits. Served With Pasta, Vegetarian, Appetizers And Snacks, Lean Fish, Aperitif

  • ����Ϸ��ҳ
    Raspberry Pink. Notes Of Red Fruits, Softly Sugary. Fruity On The Mouth With Notes Of Red Fruits. Served With Pork, Rich Fish (Salmon, Tuna Etc), Mature And Hard Cheese, Poultry, Cured Meat

  • ����Ϸ����
    Ruby Red, Intense And Limpid. Notes Of Ripe Red Fruits, Cherry, Fruit Jam. Round Wine With Very Soft Tannins, Rich In Aromas. Sereved With Beef, Lamb, Game (Deer, Venison), Poultry

  • ����Ϸ��ע
    Attractive Ruby-Red With Crimson Tinges. Coffee, Blackberries, Red Berries And Grilled Aromas Dominate. Served With Beef, Lamb, Poultry


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