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    Argento Cabernet Sauvignon

    Ksh 3,150
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    This Rose Offers Intense Aromas Of Fresh Red Berries, With Concentrated Cherry Fruit Flavours And A Hint Of Melon. Served With Beef, Spicy Food, Mature And Hard Cheese, Poultry

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    Rose D’Anjou Bouquet Of Sweet Melon, Candy Floss, Strawberries & Mash Mellow Be Con On The Nose. Served With Beef, Pork, Game (Deer, Venison), Poultry, Mild And Soft Cheese

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    The Grapes Are Harvested At Perfect Maturity And The Vinification Process Is Highly Technological. Served With Beef, Mature And Hard Cheese

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    Pale Pink, Clear And Bright Colour With Soft Hues Of Raspberry- Pink. Very Intense, The Nose Reveals Hints Of Candy And Red Fruits. Served With Pasta, Vegetarian, Appetizers And Snacks, Lean Fish, Aperitif

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    Aromatic Wine With Aromas Of Rose And Strawberry. Served With Salads, Mediterranean Food And Pasta.

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    This Rose has intense aromas of fresh red berries, with concentrated cherry fruit flavors. A beautifully balanced wine with crisp acidity and a lively finish. Can be paired with Sushi, Seafood and light Salads.

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    Strawberry Ominates The Nose With Some Red Cherry Notes. Slight But Very Attractive Estery Notes. Served With Game (Deer, Venison), Poultry

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    Brilliant, Pale Pink. Expressive, Fresh, Notes Of Red Fruits. Fresh And Wellbalanced. Served As An Aperitif Or With A Barbecue

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    Pale Pink With An Orange Hue. Served With Beef, Game (Deer, Venison)

    Ksh 1,060
  • ����ϷͶע
    Very Pale Pink Colour. Highly Aromatic And Very Fruity Smell, With Noticeable Red Berries. Served With Beef, Lamb, Poultry


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